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Our Board of Directors published the following position statements intended to raise awareness and express the views of the Academy on important issues related to hospice and palliative medicine.

Artificial nutrition and hydration (ANH) were originally developed to provide short-term support for patients who were acutely ill. For patients near the end of life, ANH is unlikely to prolong life and can potentially lead to medical complications and increase suffering.

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Many palliative care decisions and interventions lack sufficient evidence to either recommend or not recommend. Much remains to be learned that could improve care of these patients, and further research in this field is needed. Debate exists about whether patients with serious illness should be asked to participate in research.

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Palliative care supports patients whose diseases are associated with significant burden. Distressing symptoms exist on a spectrum from the most easily treated to the most refractory. Although preservation of awareness at the end of life is viewed as a priority for many, for some, the relief of symptoms may outweigh the desire to be conscious.

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Suffering near the end of life arises from many sources including loss of sense of self, loss of control, fear of the future, and/or fear of being a burden upon others, as well as refractory physical and non-physical symptoms. Excellent medical care, including state-of-the art palliative care, can address and help alleviate many sources of suffering. On occasion, however, patients seek the assistance of a physician to end their life.

Continue to read the full PAD statement .

Physician-Assisted Dying (PAD) is defined as a physician providing, at the patient's request, a prescription for a lethal dose of medication that the patient can self-administer by ingestion, with the explicit intention of ending life. Although PAD has historically not been within the domain of standard medical practice, in recent years it has emerged as both an explicit and covert practice across various legal jurisdictions in the United States.

Sameena Shah

Chua :So when we sat down with the RD people it was really a question of: How much can we do? How can we narrow the scope of this so we can be successful? And to their credit, our development team basically said: “Let’s make this big. Let’s try to solve much more universally than solve for individual small uses.”

Shah :We interviewed numerous journalists all across the globe from various specializations and really listened to how they gather information; how they use social media to assess whether something is newsworthy or not; and how do they go about verifying various types of different stories. And once we understood that we created the algorithms and tools that could mimic just that.

Chua :One thing we found is that it’s been very good at finding certain types of events much more quickly than many mainstream news organizations are able to do. It was ahead on the nike air max 90 ultra essential gym red jordans
by several minutes. It was ahead on the cheap apparel online stores
by again several minutes.

Since we started keeping analytical records about a year ago, Reuters News Tracer has beaten global news outlets in breaking over 50 major news stories. This has given our Reuters journalists anywhere from an 8- to 60-minute head start.

So it’s done very well and we can see that as a tip service for news organizations, and for us particularly, obviously, it’s been very helpful. It lets us start getting on a story much more quickly.

Shah :It was really a very, very cohesive partnership in which technology brought in the technical expertise, the scientific rigor that could actually build those algorithms. And the human expertise that we were wanting to mimic, that was brought in from the Reuters journalists.

Chua :What’s great about this partnership is that to be able to take a fire hose of information that comes in at 140 characters and, with not much more than that, to be able to say: “This is newsworthy, you should look at it.” And then to say: “This may well be true.” That, I think, is a really interesting place to be.

Check out the process and methodology behind Reuters News Tracer in our 2016 Annual Report and view our recorded demo to air jordan shoes value

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"How You Too Can Take Perfectly Sharp iPhone Night Photos"

Free Video Reveals... 

How You Too Can Take Perfectly Sharp iPhone Night Photos

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Symmetry in photography creates a powerful visual impact which is bothappealing and intriguing. In this tutorial, you’ll discoverusefultechniques for creatingsymmetrical compositions such ashow to look for symmetry while you’re out shooting and how to compose your shotsfor maximum impact. You’ll also be introduced to some iPhone apps for creating symmetrical photos in situations where you can’t find any natural symmetry in the scene.

The dictionarydefinition of symmetry is “The quality of something that has two sides, or halves, that are the same or very close in size, shape and position.”

Note that we are not exclusively talking about mirror images. So an image with a road or path down the middle with similar objects on either side constitutes a symmetrical image.

When I look for symmetrical images, I keep an eye out for lines, or objects that nike air force iii 3 classic horror
. Then, I look for either a vertical line of symmetry or a horizontal line of symmetry.

As you’re probably aware, we’re hardwired to find symmetry attractive. The most obvious example is that we tend to find people with symmetrical faces to be more attractive than those with asymmetrical faces.

Symmetry provides our brains, which are always looking for structure and patterns in the world, with a sense of harmony. Symmetry is also aesthetically pleasing because of the balance it provides in an image.

Let’s now take a look at how to create stunningsymmetrical compositions with your iPhone.

In order to create a symmetrical image, you must ensureyour camera’s sensor is parallel to your subject. What that means is that if you were to holdyour iPhone rightup to the subject, it would lay flat against it.

Any sort of tilt will result in lines that are slightly off, which can drive our brains crazy!

This type of shot can be tricky because you haveto be completely centered, with youriPhone parallel to the wall in front of you. Any slight deviation, and the hallway would bethrown off center.

If you shoot from too low down with your iPhone tilted up, or too high up with your iPhone title down, you would end up with lines that converge slightly towards the top or bottom of the image which wouldn’t look so good.

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Take some quiet time for yourself. In the quietness you will begin to recognize yourself again. We so easily lose ourselves in the daily shuffle of life. Mindfulness and awareness will allow you to participate in your life rather than only reacting to life. Through practicing mindfulness, you can begin to enjoy the simple things in life that have been lost in the clutter. Meditation is the powerful antidote to many of the poisons in your life; it stills vast yearnings and inner-discontentments. Meditation provides a reprieve from the vicious swings of worry; that horrid place where our mind continually wanders, where it's filled with fear and grasping for unknowable futures. Meditation opens you to completeness; a moment of true reality. Meditation does not strive — it only opens you to what is. As your hopes and desires disappear, you emerge. Through meditation you begin to take form in your interior as a beautiful being. Free from self-deception and fear, you will start to see and believe in your own beauty. As you submerge into your own realm of nothingness you feel you are being pulled into some great oneness; a mending of the fractures in your own consciousness. Nothing to conquer or control, no-one to quarrel with — the still mind is peaceful, and the still mind is free. Your quiet moments prepare you for the harsh scuffles and abrasions of life. Take some quiet time for yourself to center and to transcend the madness. Quietness is the most unpretentious preparation for a life of peaceful significance.

"Follow your intuition, step into the unknown and leap into the field of all possibilities." — Jayme Barrett

Jayme Barrett

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