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Fact 4: You Can Use Keratin To Get Rid Of Frizz Without Straightening Your Curls

Fact 5: There Are Tons Of Different Keratin Treatments For Different Hair Types It's not one-size-fits-all. In fact, you don't want a salon that only offers a single keratin treatment, because it's probably not the best one for your texture and thickness. “If you use the same formula on fine hair that you do on thick, it'll just be flat and stick to your scalp!” Pena explains. And on the flip side, if the formula's not strong enough, it'll be like you just spent $400 on...absolutely nothing.

Fact 5: There Are Tons Of Different Keratin Treatments For Different Hair Types

Fact 6: Keratin Works On Straight Hair, Too Got coarse, thick, frizzy hair that's straight? Keratin could be your new favorite thing. A light treatment can make it shinier and smoother, so you only have bed head if you actually want it.

Fact 6: Keratin Works On Straight Hair, Too

Fact 7: Keratin Straighteners Aren't Relaxers Unlike keratin, relaxers are permanent. They change your texture, so you have to want stick-straight hair forever—or at least until your roots need touching up. They're also easier to do at home, whereas keratin treatments are usually in salons.

Fact 7: Keratin Straighteners Aren't Relaxers

Fact 8: Keratin Straightening Isn't (Or At Least Shouldn't Be) A Super-Intensive Process A stylist combs a bunch of it into your strands, leaves it on 'til your follicles are good and coated, then flat irons your hair to seal it in. Older formulas require you not to wash or style your hair for 72 hours, which is why you should find a place that uses newer no-wait straighteners if you can.

Fact 8: Keratin Straightening Isn't (Or At Least Shouldn't Be) A Super-Intensive Process

Fact 9: You Can, In Fact, Use Keratin Treatments On Dyed Or Bleached Hair They can actually make bleached hair feel healthier. The same doesn't hold true for other straighteners, though. “If your hair's dyed, stay away from flat irons, relaxers, or Japanese straightening!” Pena warns.

Fact 9: You Can, In Fact, Use Keratin Treatments On Dyed Or Bleached Hair

Fact 10: Maintenance Is The Key To Keratin Success If you want your fancy new shininess to last, you might have to drop your regular shampoo and stop washing so much altogether. You can shampoo three times a week max, but there better not be actual suds involved. “Stay away from cleansers that bubble!” Pena advises. “If your shampoo has a detergent ingredient like Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), which is literally found in laundry soap, it'll just strip your hair!” (Good sulfate-free lines: Pureology Essential Repair and nike sb blazer gt 9 1/2
and Conditioner .) Also no good? Salt water and chlorine. So surf spray's not an option, and make sure to coat your hair with a protective cream or oil before you make any literal waves.

Are there more crows in the Bay Area than there used to be? The answer is yes. For this short-answer segment, reporter JurgenKlemm teamed up with veteran birder Alan Hopkins to learn why. Click the player above to hear the story.

Lake Merritt is often referred to as the Jewel of Oakland. By day, you can see fitness enthusiasts running and birds splashing in the water. But as the sun begins to set, the crowd thins out, and a string of 3,400 pearly light bulbs begin to glow.

Is Lake Merritt actually a lake? The answer is no !

A more accurate name might be mens nike air force 1 low uk
Merritt or Slough Merritt, as it's connected to the salty ocean water of the Bay. In this short-answer segment, reporter Jürgen Klemm dives into the history of Oakland's heart-shaped body of water.

Was the flagpole on top of Oakland's Tribune Tower designed as a mooring for airships? Listener Robert Weiner submitted this question to nike air jordan xi win like 96 restock syxLyj
, KALW'scollaborative reporting project. Click the audio player above to hear the answer.

Listener Holley Wysong wanted to know why new street signs in San Francisco use a typeface with upper and lowercase letters. She asked KALW's collaborative news project Hey Area to find the answer.

McLaren Park in southeastern San Francisco is home to an amphitheater, red nike air force 1 tumblr
, sweeping views of San Bruno Mountain and — according to listener Danny Yanow— some "giant birds nests." Yanow wrote into KALW's collaborative reporting project Hey Area asking what kind of birds built them.

Does a river run through it?

That's the question that listenerMilena Fiore posed to KALW's collaborative news project Hey Area . In this short-answer segment, she speaks with Ginny Stearns, an amateur historian and air jordan 1 retro olympic 2008 hanyu
board member, to learn the answer.

Austin Newsom is an Amtrak ticket agent at the Transbay Terminal in downtown San Francisco. On his lunch breaks, he takes walks along the Embarcadero.

“It’s really nice, and people usually, when they’re walking along the waterfront, for whatever reason they have big smiles on their faces. I think it makes people happy.”

It’s easy to navigate the streets in San Francisco’s Bayview District once you realize that they’re alphabetical. Avenues, for example, go McKinnon, Newcomb, Oakdale, Palou, etc. Streets go Mendell, Newhall, Phelps.

International Textile and Apparel Association

Advancing Excellence in Education, Scholarship and Innovation

The Global Organization

Explore Open Positions, Special Calls, Academic Program, Study Tours, More

Cleveland, OH, Nov. 6-9 Re-Imagine the Renewable

Conference, Awards, Scholarships

ITAA Committees, Social Networking, Resources

ITAA is a professional, educational association composed of scholars, educators, and students in the textile, apparel, and merchandising disciplines in higher education. ITAA welcomes professionals employed in those fields who wish to join with members of the Association in the pursuit of knowledge, interchange of ideas, and dissemination of knowledge through meetings, special events, and publications.

The International Textile and Apparel Association promotes the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge and is a primary resource for its members in strengthening leadership and service to society.

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11/6/2018 » 11/9/2018 2018 ITAA Annual Conference

10/25/2019 » 10/29/2019 nike air max 90 white grey yellow bathroom

11/17/2020 » 11/21/2020 2020 Annual Conference

St. Petersburg, Florida - November 14 - 18, 2017

Conference Program Award Winners Attendee List Photos nike air max 1 trainers cheap rental cars wCX0NQ

The ITAA Teaching Innovation and Resources Committee invites submissions for the 2018 Rutherford Teaching Challenge. The Teaching Challenge is designed to encourage development and dissemination of innovative teaching strategies that address emerging issues in the apparel and textile field. This year’s theme is Incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) skills into the Apparel and Textiles Classroom. Submissions will be double-blind reviewed by the Teaching Innovations and Resources Committee. Winning submissions will be awarded $500 for 1st place, $300 for 2nd place and $200 for 3rd place. Winning authors will be invited to present their teaching modules at the 2018 ITAA Conference Poster Session. Please see Full Call for submission guidelines. Past winning submissions can be found .

Adam Wathan

Software developer, author, and host of Full Stack Radio.

April 6, 2016

This post is adapted from my book + video course, nike air max 90 cheap uk universities
Learn more about it .

Dealing with arrays in form submissions is a pain in the ass.

Imagine you need to build a page that allows users to add multiple contacts at once. If a contact has a name , email , and occupation , ideally the incoming request would look something like this:

The problem is that crafting a form that actually submits this format is surprisingly complicated.

If you haven't had to do this before, you might think you can get away with something like this, using just a pinch of JavaScript to duplicate the form fields while keeping all of the field names the same:

...but this gives you a request that looks like this:

To get the form to submit in the correct format, you need to give each set of fields an explicit index:

...which means that when you add another set of fields, you need to change the name of every input, incrementing the index by one.

Doesn't seem too unreasonable at first, just count the sets of fields and add one for the new set right?

Wrong! What if a user removes a set of fields? Or two sets of fields? Now there might only be 3 sets remaining but the last set still has an index of 4, so just counting the fields is going to result in a collision.

So what can you do? Well, you have a few options:

All of a sudden this seems like a lot more work on the front-end than you signed up for! But there's one other option:

Submit the data in a different format and deal with it on the server.

As long as we aren't nesting past the empty square brackets, PHP is happy to let us leave out the index. So what you'll commonly see people do in this situation (and what you may have done yourself) is name the form fields like this:

The benefit of course is that now we don't have to keep track of the index. We can reuse the same markup for every set of fields, never worrying about the total number of fields in the form, or what happens when a set of fields is removed. Excellent!

The disadvantage is that now our incoming request looks like this:


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