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2018 Civic Si Coupe shown in Rallye Red.

The 205-horsepower * turbocharged engine coupled with an Adaptive Damper System offers exhilarating, precise performance on the track or the street.

A close-ratio 6-Speed Manual Transmission, a helical Limited-Slip Differential and a special Sport Mode can help give you ultimate control over high revs and curvy roads.

Upgraded, larger brakes are perfectly showcased by 18-inch Machine-Finished Alloy Wheels – just two facets of the car’s bold, race-inspired design.

An aggressive sport bumper, the legendary red Si badge framed by a menacing gloss black grille and that snarling lip make the Civic Si Coupe hard to miss.

Featuring a turbocharged engine, a Rear Wing and a Center-Outlet Sport Exhaust System integrated into the Rear Diffuser, the 2018 Civic Si Coupe not only pushes the limits of performance, but of style as well.

Add to the thrill of every outing with a Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel, customizable driver-focused displays like a boost gauge, rev-limit indicator and G-meter, plus a 7-inch Display Audio Touch-Screen.

Deep bolstered sport seats featuring red accent stitching add to the visceral experience and remind you that performance is embedded in the history of the Civic Si Coupe.

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Put together a configuration that works for you.

2018 Civic Si Coupe 6-Speed Manual

Your 2018 Civic Si Coupe 6-Speed Manual

360 spin. Some accessories may not appear.

Base Price

w/ 1.5L Turbo 4-Cyl. Engine

Exterior Color

Interior Color


Destination and Handling

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HFP Sport Suspension, 19-in HFP Black Alloy Wheels, HFP Badges and more.


It’s easy to find your nearest Honda dealer. Simply enter your ZIP Code and we’ll do the rest.

2018 Car and Driver ’s 10Best Cars

Car and Driver has named Civic Si a 10Best Car for its brilliant adaptive damper system, sportier steering, bigger brakes and connected audio technology—calling it, “a blissful balance of fun and function.” *

More than 20,000 Americans died from synthetic drug overdoses in 2016. That represents 31 percent of all drug overdose deaths, a surging percentage in recent years —  nike free run 6 womens plus size stores near me

A bill called the Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues (SITSA) Act aims to combat on the growing epidemic of synthetic drug deaths. But would it give Jeff Sessions too much power?


There are more than 400 known types of synthetic — or “artificial” — drugs, which mimic the effects of substances including cocaine and ecstasy. They’ve largely begun to flood the market in recent years, this decade in particular.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), quite simply, cannot keep up. The bureaucratic process they follow when determining whether a drug should be put on the banned substances list, and what corresponding penalties should go along with each drug, can take several years of evaluation.

Advocates say the U.S. doesn’t have years.

What the billdoes

The bill outlaws 13 different synthetic drugs of the most pernicious varieties, by creating a new “schedule” (a term for “categorization”) to the list of banned substances on the Controlled Substances Act. The list of the 13 drugs can be seen in section 2, subsection 3B .

It also creates a process by which substances can be added — whether temporarily or permanently — in as little as 30 days after first being identified, rather than the years it can potentially take under current law. The lead House sponsor relayed a story during a committee hearing of a constituent from his New York district who died from overdosing on a synthetic drug air jordan 6 rings gg

Although the bill creates penalties for trafficking and distribution of these synthetic drugs, what the bill does not do is air jordan 11 retro price philippines bathtub
. In this way, they intend to go after the proliferators rather than the users.

The bill was introduced in the House in June 2017 by Rep. John Katko (R-NY24), labelled as nike air force 1 low lv8 vt independence day
. It was introduced in the Senate that same month by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), labelled as nike air max tuned vibration

From: air jordan hong kong facebook restricted
47/48, 2014 pp. 95-96

Sometimes the world of things has something to say. Randall Jarrell wrote that stream water made a sound that was like a spoon or glass breathing.

In fantasy I’m a hermit. I live in a hut and my poems are my prayers. But in life my “home office” buzzes and dings with computer and printer. I’m a person—writer, teacher, editor—who’s too busy, overscheduled, often interrupted, and seldom caught up. Perhaps that explains why I crave quietness. Or could be it’s a common human craving. I like the idea of quietly writing at a heavy oak desk, the oak heavy enough, thick enough, solid enough to emit quietness.

Quietness is simpler than silence. Or perhaps simple is not the word I want. It’s more familiar, more homey. A quiet night at home might include washing the dishes and reading by the fire. It might include quiet music, quiet conversation, quietly sitting. A quiet day might be a day of cooking and gardening. It might include sweeping the sidewalk.

Silence is more forbidding, perhaps a bit fearsome. A silent night is a holy night. There is such a thing as getting the silent treatment. You can be greeted with a stony silence. To be silent means to refrain from speech. To be silenced is to be repressed, suppressed, censored, shut up.

To be quieted is to be calmed down. The Anglo-Norman and Middle French root of quiet ( quiete ) contains quietude—tranquility.

There are artists who capture quietness in their works, and gazing at their works quiets the mind. One reason I like going to art museums is to quiet my mind. I like going alone, and I may not stay for long.

Here at Seattle’s Henry Gallery, I stand before a large-format photograph (four by five feet) of a dry West Texas landscape. A barnyard, fenced with a rough-stick coyote fence, gated with a wide-swinging barnyard gate. An expanse of gravel and dry grass. The vast Texas sky. Closeup, a truck fragment—tire, chrome fender, a blur of red. A shed, shot from ground level, with the rippled roof-edge evidence of corrugated tin. On this dry ground sits a tiny (life-sized) brown-capped bird. The sun is hot. It is quiet, very quiet. You have entered this quiet country, and you see it through the bird’s eye. The photographer, Jean-Luc Mylayne, will spend two or three months to get such a picture. All twentythree of these large-format “landscapes with human traces” include a small bird. Mylayne chooses a spot where birds flock, chooses a particular bird for his subject, and allows the flock to get used to his presence and equipage. He names his large-format photographs according to the time spent—“No. 198 January February 2004.”

Table of Contents

This chapter is a work in progress

The Maven plugin adds support for deploying artifacts to Maven repositories.

To use the Maven plugin, include the following in your build script:

Example: Using the Maven plugin


The Maven plugin defines the following tasks:

Maven plugin - tasks

The Maven plugin does not define any dependency configurations.

The Maven plugin defines the following convention properties:

Maven plugin - properties

These properties are provided by a MavenPluginConvention convention object.

The maven plugin provides a factory method for creating a POM. This is useful if you need a POM without the context of uploading to a Maven repo.

Example: Creating a standalone pom.

Amongst other things, Gradle supports the same builder syntax as polyglot Maven. To learn more about the Gradle Maven POM object, see MavenPom . See also: MavenPluginConvention

With Gradle you can deploy to remote Maven repositories or install to your local Maven repository. This includes all Maven metadata manipulation and works also for Maven snapshots. In fact, Gradle’s deployment is 100 percent Maven compatible as we use the native Maven Ant tasks under the hood.

Deploying to a Maven repository is only half the fun if you don’t have a POM. Fortunately Gradle can generate this POM for you using the dependency information it has.

Let’s assume your project produces just the default jar file. Now you want to deploy this jar file to a remote Maven repository.

Example: Upload of file to remote Maven repository

That is all. Calling the uploadArchives task will generate the POM and deploys the artifact and the POM to the specified repository.

There is more work to do if you need support for protocols other than file . In this case the native Maven code we delegate to needs additional libraries. Which libraries are needed depends on what protocol you plan to use. The available protocols and the corresponding libraries are listed in Table (those libraries have transitive dependencies which have transitive dependencies). [ 11 ] For example, to use the ssh protocol you can do:

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